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First established back in 1989 by the brothers Neil & Nigel, Monroe's has always been Torrevieja's, if not the Costa Blanca's greatest bar. Not a weekend has passed without something extraordinary happening within its doors, and a great time had by all.

The success of Monroe's has been without a doubt thanks to its many regulars, of all nationalities, who over the years have rocked, partied or just relaxed over a cold beer and a game of pool, weekend after weekend in their favorite bar. Mixed in with the local lot, Monroe's has also been the place to be for Torrevieja's coolest visitors and holidaymakers.

Monroe's has also been responsable for many established couples getting together, and there are quite a few boys & girls who owe their very existence to their mummy and daddy meeting each other on the (in)famous sofa's of Monroe's (now thankfully removed for hygenic reasons!).

Now, well into the new millenium, Monroe's is rockin' on stronger than ever, and would like to welcome all locals and visitors to come in and continue to fuel the fire of rock'n'roll, and simply have a great time! 'Cos that's what it's all about.